Top 5 Home Improvement Tips

Trying to give home improvement tips is something that is hard because each home is different and has different needs.  While one house might need a new deck or front porch, another could use a roof or furnace.  When going through these tips, I will give 5 things that I think ANY homeowner could use with their house.

1. Get a Pressure Washer-  Out of all the tools I have in the garage the best investment by far has to be my power washer.  It is important to do your research as not all washers are the same.  With this being said, I would check out some pressure washer reviews before making a purchase as this is the best way to compare the different PSI and GPM of each and every unit.

2. Use Primer-  Primer on almost any wall is a must have before painting.  While some walls can look better with just paint, primer will often be the difference between an ok paint j0b and an awesome paint job.

3. Clean Your Deck-  See #1 as a pressure washer is one of the most important things that can help you deck.  A power washing and staining combo is one of the best things that any home owner can do for their deck.

4.  Buy a weedwacker-  Not as useful as a pressure washer, a weedwacker is something that can make or break a lawn.  Also for those who hate pulling weeds, a good weedwacker can take care of some of the longer weeds in your yard in no time.

5.  Cover Your Gutters:  Covering your gutters is a must if you live in a place where leaves fall as this can avoid some major future problems.   By either using some mesh wire or having a professional do it, you will not regret covering your gutters.

So there you have it from pressure washing tips to weedwackers, we cover our 5 tips on home improvement.